Online learning frequently asked questions

  • 09.09.2015

1. What kind of internet access do I need for an online class?

You must have regular, reliable high-speed Internet access if you are to succeed in an online course.


2. What kind of Internet access do I need for an online course?

Online courses require an up-to-date PC or Mac-based computer. Many online courses also require seeing a VOD. Many instructors post materials online in various file formats (typically PowerPoint, Word, Excel or PDF files). To open these files, you will need the appropriate software or software viewer plug-in. You may purchase the Microsoft Office Suite


3. Can I complete GCU online courses using only a mobile device, like a smartphone?

No, not at this time.  Many aspects of your course are accessible using a mobile device, but not all.  Computer access is required.


4. Can I get technical help with my online course if I need it?

Yes, you can. If you run into technical problems or error messages using our LMS classroom, word processing software, student email, passwords, or your personal computer, email to