GCU is adding subscriptions through EBSCOhost

  • 04.18.2017

As part of an initiative to expand library resources and provide additional sources of research material to students and faculty, GCU is adding subscriptions through EBSCOhost, to the following new databases:

  • ANTHROPOLOGY PLUS, a database of a compilation of the Anthropological Index Onlie and Anthropological Literature. This resource is an estensive index of bibliographic materials covering the fields of anthropology, archeology and related interdisciplinary research.
  • ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, a datablse produced by the American Theological Library Association (ATLS). this database combines the premier indexing from ATLS Religion Database (ATLS RDB) with ATLASerials (ATLAS), one of ATLS's online full-text collections of major religion and theological journals.
  • BUSINESS SOURCE ELITE, a database of more than 7000 abstract and full-text publications on Business, Management, Marketing, and Administration.
  • INTERNATIONAL REPERTORY OF MUSIC LITERATURE (RILM) ABSTRACTS OF MUSIC LITERATURE WITH FULL TEXT, a database of almost one million pages of full-text content from more than 200 publications, and which indexes music publications from 178 countries in 173 languages.
  • NATURAL & ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS, a resource for holistic healthcare data, which allows access to more than 12000 research studies on naturopathic, alternative, complementary, acupuncture, herbology, and Oriental medicine treatments.

These new databases will add to GCU’s already-existing subscription to the Ebsco e-Books and ATLA RELIGION DATABASE, the definitive index of religious and theological literature (check the GCU Library website at <> for access to this database). Now all of GCU’s Schools and degree programs will have access to many more sources of data for research and learning. Students and faculty will be able to draw on these rich sources of information to improve their education and their teaching.

These new databases will be accessible through GCU’s Library website or via computer terminals in the library itself.