Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

  • 12.01.2015


The School of Business (SB) goal is to produce leaders in business who glorify God’s Kingdom, as a part of the overall mission of GCU. We teach business techniques and, at the same time, we teach how business can be used to glorify God. BABUS courses offered at Georgia Central University (GCU) are designed for prospective students in need of gaining a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that will enable them to work as professional business managers upon graduation. As a business major, a student is likely to be eligible for employment as a professional manager in a variety of profit-oriented and non-profit business entities; from small, local enterprises to large multinational or international corporations. Graduates may perform executive decisions for their own businesses, or fill positions ranging from first-line management through to senior executive level, and they will be equipped to effectively plan, organize, lead and control an organization's resources so that it is better able to achieve its objectives.


  • Graduates of the Bachelor’s Program in Business Administration understand and are familiar with

  • the relevant economic and financial issues of the current market system and forecast future markets logically

  • techniques to maximize the potential of electronic communications and the internet in business, inside and outside of corporate organizations

  • the concepts in marketing a corporate product, including price, location, productivity, efficiency, value-added and time management

  • the importance of both human and material resources and the required skills for resource management

  • review procedures for justifying corporate decisions

  • proposal presentation

  • corporate organization and structure

  • corporate business plans and corporate culture

  • legal requirements and protections governing intellectual property

  • regulations governing environmental protection and employee rights

Components and Requirements:

Admission Policies

Students wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree, and who have completed the required courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may apply to the School of Business at GCU as a junior. Students who enter as a freshman must complete the required general education and business preparation courses by the end of the sophomore year.
GCU prefers students have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for admission. Applicants must submit completed application forms. Applicants who are not currently GCU students must submit official transcripts from all previous colleges and universities attended to the Office of Admissions to be eligible for admission.

Transferring Students

Transferring students may find it to their advantage to enroll at GCU in their sophomore year or at least during the summer session prior to their junior year. Otherwise, some students may need more than two years to complete the degree.
Students who intend to transfer to GCU and enter the School of Business should consult with an advisor to select first- and second-year courses that will ensure progress toward the degree. Academic advisement is available Monday through Friday, though advance appointments for consultation are strongly recommended.

General Curricular Requirements

GCU’s curriculum for the School of Business combines carefully-constructed and outstanding business courses, chapel, and elective courses to provide students with a strong foundation in critical thinking and reasoning.
During the first and second years, the primary academic emphasis is on General Education, Core courses and the Institutional Requirement (IR). Focus shifts to business courses in the junior and senior years. Students must complete more than 126 credits plus IR, comprised of 45 general education credits, 45 business core course credits, 36 elective course credits. Note that WS305 Institutional Requirement (chapel) is required of all students, every semester through graduation.
Students not completing these requirements within five years of matriculation must reapply for admission under the requirements in place at the time of readmission.

The curriculum is available in the catalog on page 105, you can download it here